About Us

Kevin McKay (vocals). A Seattle native raised by clowns, has entertained as an actor, singer, drummer, puppeteer and clown. In Triple Shot, Kevin is best known for adding powerful vocals, percussion, guitars, harmony and the occasional inappropriate comment

Drew Schneider (guitar)began touring Florida with dance/rock bands in the early 80's. In the northwest he played with Big Happy and the Billy G Camp Band before bringing his tasty chops to Triple Shot.

Krysta Carson, known for her powerful pipes, rockin rhythm and sexy stage persona, was born to be an entertainer, and her lifetime of credits and achievements as a performer start from a young age in Seattle and stretch across 20+ years as a working actress, model, comedian, songwriter and recording artist in Los Angeles. Krysta has had featured roles on stage, TV and in movies and works with several different bands and recording studios in L.A., but her greatest joy is singing and playing live music in her many different acts which include jazz, rock, dance, pop and musical comedy.  She also has natural skills in hand-held percussion instruments and drums- including djembe, tambourine, guiro, bells, shakers, cowbell and MORE COWBELL!!!! Her unique ability to mold her voice allows her to sonically impersonate many of the great female voices of popular music in all eras and genres, and to switch from lead to backing vocals with ease. Recently landing back in Seattle, she is ready to take the Pacific Northwest by storm as the newest female singer in Triple Shot

Rick Thomas plays keyboards, saxophones and bass guitar and has been performing in bands in the Seattle area since 2009, including Princeology, Slacker, the Front Street Cats, the Rhythm Players and Ken Wants Barbie.  Previously he worked in numerous bands in the Kansas City area for over 20 years.  His experience includes singing and playing rock, dance, pop, 80s, R&B, blues and jazz, among other styles.

On Drums, Triple Shot's newest member Donn Garrett is an accomplished Northwest Musician.He has performed with: Alan White,Liberty DeVitto, Reek Havok, Shelley Tomberg, Steve Fossen, Tony LaStella, Janelle Sadler, Tommy Zvoncheck, Somar Macek, Cee Cee James, Daniel Christo pherson, Steve Rice, Rick Knotts, Richie Castellano, Jeff Ganz, Chris Slade and many other talents. Donn adds to the variety of the band as a renowned vocalist rounding out the rich harmonies you have come to love.  Donn is also a published song writer.   Most of all, HE ROCKS!!